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    The Wardrobe Workshop spends Wednesday with Wild at Heart Foundation!

    Wild at Heart Foundation funds animal welfare projects all over the world. Their aim is to compassionately reduce the world’s 600 million stray dog population. ​They do this by organising rescue projects, neutering programmes and education initiatives.

    By 2025 Wild at Heart Foundation want to rehome 10,000 dogs, neuter 100,000 dogs and educate 1,000,000 children.

    Wild at Heart Foundation believes that a dog can lift our mood, change our day, keep us active and transform a house into a home. They are our fierce protectors, our best friends, our support, structure, strength and solace. They offer freely what humans can spend lifetime learning, which is to love unconditionally. They save our lives in many ways.

    This is why Wild at Heart Foundation wants to end the suffering of these amazing creatures. They do this by: providing funding and incredible support to international rescue and adoption projects; organising neutering programmes, including research into new sterilization techniques; and delivering education initiatives to children, teaching our next generation how important it is to care for animals.

    2015 saw the launch of the Wild at Heart Foundation, founded by Nikki Tibbles, London’s most sought-after florist and creator of ​Wild at Heart​.

    Wild at Heart Foundation has gone on to rehome sterilise over 16,000 dogs, rehome 1,175 dogs from overseas to the UK, and educate some 27,000 children. The work that Wild at Heart Foundation undertake focuses on getting to the root of the problem, creating lasting solutions to the problems of neglect, cruelty, abandonment and mistreatment that dogs are subject to the world over.

    The Foundation is part funded by a donation of profits from the Wild at Heart business and by funds raised through events, auctions and donations. 100% of the funds raised go directly to the projects we support.

    When shopping on The Wardrobe Workshop you will have the option to donate money to the wonderful cause. Check out how much we have raised in our charity page.

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