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    The Wardrobe Workshop Spends The Day With Milliner Camilla King

    Tell us how it all started?
    I trained to be a milliner at Kensington and Chelsea college about six years ago and have been making hats and headpieces ever since. I wasn’t very well last year which resulted in me taking quite a bit of time off work. Boredom eventually gave way and I found being creative really helped me in getting better. What started as a handful of friends asking me to create hats and headpieces for them, grew to complete strangers getting in touch. I set up Camilla King Millinery and haven’t looked back!

    Inspiration: Where does your inspiration come from?
    Everything and anything! I find nature really inspiring, and it’s colour palette in particular. Vintage books and imagery are also a great source for inspiration. They really factored headpieces into their outfits.

    Do you have any muses? If you could choose one person to wear a Camilla King headband, who would it be?
    The Queen goes without saying, she’s rarely seen without a hat on and wears them so well so I’d love to see her in a headband! I also think Gemma Chan has a great sense of style and isn’t afraid to try something new. I’m also a big fan of Miley Cyrus, she’s up there with the Queen!

    If you had to choose one headband to take away on a city break which would it be?
    I normally end up taking a whole bunch with me when I go anywhere but if I had to choose one, the Liquorice Stripe Headband is always a classic that will go with everything.

    Where do you go to relax and switch off?
    Home. My family live just outside London so it’s easy to escape when I need a moment of calm away from The madness of the studio. I’ve also been going to France since I was tiny so that would be my happy place.

    What advice do you have for other aspiring designers?
    Just go for it! Taking the leap is sometimes the hardest part, once you’ve made the commitment, you’ll work the rest out as you go along. There’s also no harm in making mistakes, you’ll learn from them and move on.

    The Clara Hatband launched on the site on Friday, this handmade hatband is made in Camilla’s London studio, it is made from shell pink parisisal straw and embellished with pearls.

    Please note the Hatband takes up to four weeks to make so get your order in today by following the below link:

    If you wish for the hatband to be made in other colours, drop us an email on

    See the Clara in action, seen on Vogue Hong Kong Online Editor; Alice Riley Smith

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